Public Relations Photography



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Because of the rapid growth of social media in the recent past, the appeal of visual content has also risen dramatically. Quality photography really can make a difference when audiences are increasingly viewing content with shorter and shorter attention spans. While bad content could have adverse effects, deterring viewers to other, better content.

Public relations photography is a profession I believed in but had never looked in to. You see professional photography all of the time whether it’s on a social media campaign or within a press release. PR/press photographer Jonathan Pow describes the profession as a form of commercial photography with a news angle. According to his website, he has worked many jobs of diverse nature through the field of PR photography.

PR photographers are often working on commission, job to job. They are curating images for individuals and organizations to use publicly. Unlike personal photography where you can freely express your style, PR photographers work to express the style of their clients.

Although it is closely related to advertising there are key differences between the two. Unlike advertising, which buys their space, public relations photography needs to create a story through an image worthy of the attention that news gets. Further more it is a way for companies to share their current news through photography.

PR photographers really need to understand what message they are conveying before shooting. The research behind the shoot shows the correlation with the skills used for other PR professions. I think this proves the amount of soft and hard skills required, making it a very well rounded job. A good knowledge of public relations photography could help you land a job, get noticed by and editor, or captivate a wide following. Essentially it a skill that could boost any resume.

Photography has become an integral part of social media and PR. While I am generally interested in expanding my photography skills I don’t currently have the finances for a professional camera. I think learning more about photography would help boost my résumé and make me a better candidate for jobs I will be interested in in the future.

Links to Jonathon Pow and information on public relations photography



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